best San Diego web designerThere’s no need to feel overwhelmed when trying to find the best San Diego web designer. Although this is likely an area in which you lack expertise, it doesn’t mean you need to go in blind. These simple pointers will help you to ask the right questions and learn if the web designer is proficient in the services that your business needs.

Keep in mind that are distinctions between designers, developers, and implementers. A brief understanding will go a long way in ensuring you select the right web professional.

  • A Web Designer is a creative person behind the look and feel of your website. The web designer determines how your site will present to the user in terms of color, graphics, links between pages and site navigation.
  • A Web Developer builds the website from your designer’s mock-up and ensures it has the functionality you need.
  • A Web Programmer can help you with more advanced custom programming projects such as PHP database programs.

You can start with online research, but it is likely you will need to have meetings with potential San Diego web designers to choose the right one. You’ll probably first be concerned with design style. The design style is important, but this is a face-value requirement. You need to think about what you need your website to accomplish for your business. Then consider each of those components and find out whether a designer has experience in them.


Find out whether the web designer has an extensive or effective portfolio and how long they have been designing for. Take your time to peruse sites they have designed. Consider whether there is one design they favor or whether they are flexible. Keep an eye out for clean, fluid navigation.

Find out if the web designer has worked with sites of similar functionality before. If they have, they should be capable of designing your site. If you need branding work or conversion rate work, ask if the designer has experience in these areas. You don’t want to end up with a great design, only to find you need to hire an additional professional.


Ask about fees, approximate total cost, the method of billing and if a deposit is required. This is important to ensure you can get the website you want within your budget. It’s also a good idea to determine if any revisions or changes will be included in your contract. If they aren’t, ask for an estimate of how much these could cost in the future.

Timing and the Process

Discuss a deadline and be firm about your requirements. A busy designer can be a sign that they are good at what they do. You may need to weigh up whether you want to hire a San Diego web designer who is available right now, or worth waiting for.

Does the web designer offer a process planning guide? This can be of utmost value in tracking and understanding the progression of your new website. Ask if they have a method of documenting all your discussions, to ensure nothing is forgotten. An organized web designer will be the best choice for managing your web design.


Is your web designer also going to be the site developer? If not, ask if they can recommend someone they have worked with before. Aside from the initial development, your site will need upkeep. Determine whether you are prepared to do it if the designer can, or whether they recommend someone. Regardless of who will do it, it is best practice for a website to be built on a content management system (CMS). This means changes will be much easier to make as they are needed.


Above all, it’s important to find a web designer in San Diego you can communicate effectively with. If you don’t understand each other or feel the designer is disinterested, they are not right for you. You should expect them to listen to you, but you also need to be able to accept their advice. If you feel something isn’t to your own style, it doesn’t mean it won’t be effective at generating leads or appealing to users. Pay attention to how much the designer tries to understand your business and your needs. The more questions they ask, the likelier they will be able to produce a suitable design for you.

Does the web designer have adequate testimonials? Can you contact them? Ask if they are happy with the design, but also if it was a smooth process achieving it.

Asking your potential San Diego web designer questions like these will ensure you find the best one for your business and result in an effective website.


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