Have you ever wondered what makes a biotech website work?

Each aspect of your website and web presence is vital to building the right image. The entire process of building your website will have an impact on the effectiveness of your branding.

Most importantly, your biotech is unique and so should be your website.

The main purpose of your website is to:

  1.  Reach your target audience.
  2. Show and tell the story about your research.
  3. Enable your site visitors to take desired action, such as contacting your company.

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Consider all of the following for your website:

What stage is your company?

An early stage biotech will have very different requirements from one that is looking to be acquired. If you are just starting out and your primary interest is to get your first investors, you might be looking at a simple brochure website.

Your site will have a few pages. Perhaps a couple of pages describing your area of research, a contact page, and perhaps some news updates.

As your biotech gains traction, you might be looking for additional investment or a chance to be acquired. At that point your website has to do a better job creating the image of success. Investors look for well-run companies. Your website has to create an image that is attractive to investors.

At this stage it makes sense to share your results. Talk about partnerships. List favorable news mentions.

Create a professional design.

If you care about credibility, don’t settle for a website you hack together in an afternoon. It makes a big difference how your website looks. Your site is not about selling anything. It is more important than that.

Your site is about selling you.

It is about building credibility. Your potential partners, investors, customers, and employees will look at your website prior to making a decision about your company. An amateurish image will hurt your chances of attracting all of the above people considering your biotech.

Mobile friendly design is a must.

It used to be the mobile-friendly websites were cool. Today, you must have a mobile friendly website. 50% of more people visiting your website could be using some sort of a mobile device. If your site is not optimized for mobile, they will click off of it and go to your competitor. Everybody has competition.

Professionally written copy.

Your website allows you to effectively communicate targeted messages to your target audiences, informing them of cutting-edge research and breakthrough technologies. For a biotech company, key audiences may include investors, strategic partners, researchers, potential employees, and the media.

Content will differentiate you.

It’s not enough to have a couple of pages describing your research areas. Your site should become an authority website in your niche.

Your website should include several different types of content such as:

  • Articles
  • Studies
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Audio

You can explain the same concept through several different forms of content. Different people consume content differently. The more variety you offer people the more likely will they find your content.

We offer the following services for biotech companies:

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 You can use the following checklist to make sure your biotech website will do the job:

  • Professional design
  • Mobile-friendly responsive
  • Effective copy
  • Easy navigation
  • Contact information on each page
  • A variety of content, text, image, and video.
  • Call to action.

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