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16 Ways to Improve Your Website

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A San Diego web designer is more in demand than ever before. Nowadays, the internet is the first port of call for anyone looking for information about a service, shop or person. So, more important than ever is how easy to read your website is. You need to provide information about all aspects of your service, in a matter of a few clicks of the mouse. Beyond the basics of ensuring your website has everything spelled correctly and has up to date information, we’ll give you 16 tips to improve your website. 1 – Tidy your menu Having a menu […]

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Your Business Needs a Professional Website Design Company

Driven by integrity, Webene has a unique space among the many web designers, web design companies, and marketing companies. Rather than driven by a transaction, we are dedicated to provide the best possible solution for each of our client. We are only concerned about creating the website that meets our client’s strategic requirements. Our goal is to provide custom solutions that maximize our client’s return on investment. While Webene is a Web Presence and Marketing Consultancy with a multitude of services, our range of in-house website design and development services include Custom Website Design, Ecommerce Website Development, Web Application Development, […]

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Your Success as an Online Business Starts With Website Design

If you feel frustrated with the result you are getting in sales and conversions from your existing website, the simple problem may be in your present website design. For this reason, we specialize in expert web design services in the San Diego area to help all businesses increase their Internet visibility and influence through their web design appeal. This is your opportunity to make the most out of your money spent. Instead of spending thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars on an Internet marketing campaign, why not have a web design appeal that will truly entice and get […]

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There is no success without marketing

Even the most successful products need the support of a great marketing strategy. Your business will not develop successful marketing strategy without first answering some fundamental questions: Who are your customers? Please, don’t tell me your customers are lawyers, or business owners, or soccer moms. You can do better than that. Be specific. For example, our marketing company is targeting businesses in San Diego county. The businesses we target are businesses with revenue between $2 and $20 million. The key in identifying your customers is to be as specific as possible. You may not have your ideal customer defined yet, […]

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How to hire the best web designer?

You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a web designer nowadays. The abundance of options can make the task of hiring a web designer can be daunting. So, what does it take to hire the a good web designer? What should you look for? What questions should you ask, etc.? Communication – The most important characteristic to look for is communication skills. That goes both ways. You have to understand the designer and they have to understand you. Are they using language that is confusing with words you have never heard of? Are they openly answer your questions? Nothing […]

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Will Your Website Help You Succeed?

Ask yourself: “Is your website about you or your audience?” People only care about themselves. I know it is harsh, but it is true. When someone goes to your website he is only there because he wants something for himself or for someone he cares about. He doesn’t care about you. He wants an answer to one question: “Can you help me?” Of course, your website has to be about you too. You have to list your credentials. Talk about your services. Show what your customers say about your service or product. But, most importantly, it should be about how […]

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What is the best content to create for my website?

  Nowadays, your website as an online brochure will do little for your business. Today, you have to have great content to get people to visit and engage with your website. You might ask: “I am an attorney, why do I need to have more than a brochure website?” The answer is that you can have a brochure website if you don’t care if nobody will actually look at it. Your website has to have content that is so good that you could charge money for it. In this article, we will use a family law attorney as an example, […]

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What’s your budget for your new website?

We get frequent phone calls from prospects about web design projects. During the initial consultation phone call we talk about several topics. We want to know about the business in general and we want to answer the prospect’s questions.. I ask questions like: Can you describe your business? What is your goal with your website? If it is a website redesign, I want to know what the prospect likes and dislikes about his website. By what date do want your website to be completed? Then, one of the last questions I ask is “What is your budget for your website […]

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10 SEO Tips for Local Businesses

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a cost effective way to market your local business. There is so much noise out there about SEO that it’s hard to know what you need to do. The following SEO tips are here to get your website top of your competition: Create unique page titles It amazes me how many web pages have generic titles like “Home” for a homepage. Each web page must have a unique page title. Your page title should include your most important target keyword. For example, my target keyword for this page is “San Diego SEO“. If you look […]

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How Great Website Copy Drives More Business

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You want a website to get more leads, prospects, and sales. Once you have your website designed you need to complete it with great copy. Here is the deal: Many websites don’t get the results you want. Why? Because the content is poorly written. To get sales leads you need great copy. You want great copy for your website for many reasons. Great copy will grab your visitor’s attention. You want to be persuasive with your words. You want to paint a picture in their heads when they read your content. Make them desire what you are selling. Understand what the potential […]

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