improve website

Do you want to improve your website?

Let’s face it. Most websites are poorly designed.

If you want more visitors, leads, and sales, you must improve your website.

Step #1 – Chose the right website platform

You do not want a website design that is not appealing. This will turn visitors away, and you will lose business. A solution is to use WordPress because of its manageability. You can also get a good website designer. This way, you will have a professionally-designed website. It will be responsive and mobile-friendly.

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Step #2 – Hire a web designer

If you want a professional website, hire a professional web designer. This way your branding will be professional. You want your website to match your content. You can buy professional stock photos for your website as well. This way your website will have appropriate images. Cross-link your various channels for synergy and use social media to help your brand.

Step #3 – Buy a great domain name

You can also improve a website by registering a great domain name. No one wants to remember or try to spell a difficult domain name. You do not want hyphens or other symbols. It is confusing to your visitors.

Step #4 – Set your website goals

Make sure that your website has a clear purpose. This purpose is based on your business goals. If you do not have a clear purpose your website will not be successful. Think about what your objectives are.

  • Do you want to bring attention to your brand?
  • Generate sales through your offers?
  • Get interested subscribers?

Whatever your goal is you need to make sure it supports your strategy. Everything on your website should correlate with your long-term goal.

Step #5 – Have a clear website navigation

Visitors are turned off by confusing navigation. To improve your website you must fix any navigation difficulties. No one wants to be looking at long drop-down menus and submenus. It is not hard to fix navigation issues for a website. One thing you want is descriptive labels. Do not make things generic. You should have no more than 7 navigation items. Try your best to avoid drop-down menus. Use buttons that are search engine compatible. Also, put the important navigation items first.

Step #6 – Focus on the best first impression

Your website is the first impression of your business. If you have an unfocused message your visitor will not turn into a customer. Your message should focus on the needs of your potential customer. Tell them what you can offer them. To improve a website with an unclear message you should review all content. Make sure it gets the business’s point across well. Tell your visitor what they can expect from you. Be concise.

Step #7 – Never underestimate the importance of SEO

Improving a website means knowing your SEO. You want your website to be found on Google and other search engines. You want to be compliant with Google’s algorithm criteria. This way you will be featured in the search engine results page. Do not hurt your lead conversion with a bad keyword strategy. You will want to incorporate certain keywords into your content. It is a good idea to have inbound and outbound links for your visitors. Add social media links as well to boost your websites ranking.

Step #8 – Publish great website content

If you do not update your content often you will lose your visitors. Content is everything. Create a blog on your website. Keep it up by scheduling publications. Your topics should be relevant to your visitors and customers. Always post informative and well-written blogs posts. Share your blog posts on social media platforms to reach a bigger audience.

Step #9 – Optimize your website

Optimize your images if you have a slow load speed. This is because large images cause websites to load slowly. You want your site to load in less than 3 seconds. To fix this you can compress your images to smaller file sizes.

Step #10 – Check your links

A major website blunder is having links that do not work. You do not want any error pages either. Review your links often to make sure they are working. If you need to, you can create a 404 error page that will redirect a visitor to your homepage.