Not all customers are created equal.

80 percent of your revenue comes from about 20 percent of your customers.

Identify your most valuable customers by the following:


Many companies, wrongly, rank their customers’ importance by the amount of revenue they bring to the business. Valuing customer value based on revenue doesn’t give you an accurate measure. Real customer value must be measured by profit per customer. You have to consider the cost of sales, service, etc. Some of your customers who give you the highest revenue could also be the most expensive customers to service. Always consider profitability as you evaluate the importance of a customer.


Many businesses are seasonal. If your peak times are around the holidays, getting new customers during your slow times could be much more beneficial. Running your business during peak season is much more expensive. You need more staff and more resources in general. Adding more customers during off peak season will help you run more profitable company.

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Evangelists wanted

There are customers, there are satisfied customers, and there are evangelists. The most successful companies are great at turning their customers into brand evangelists.


The least expensive way to grow a business is by maintaining a high customer retention rate. Before you start chasing new customers, make sure you retain as many existing customers as you can. The longer a customer stays with you the more profit you can expect.

Upsell and cross sell

Customers who buy multiple products are more profitable because it lowers your customer acquisition costs. For example, as Amazon expanded from books to everything, their profit per customer has skyrocketed.


Any customer who is willing to give a testimonial is very valuable. Social proof is a must for every brand.


There are two fundamental ways to get your best customers grow your business.

1. Get the 20 percent to buy more.

Make a list of all the services/products you offer and cross check it with your list of best customers. If there is a service that you offer to one client offer it to the others. Find out what motivates your best customers to buy. Based on your findings, create incentives for them to buy more or additional services.

Market to your best customers. Focus on your most profitable clients. Keep in mind that clients that take up most of your time are not necessarily your best customers. Don’t be surprised that some of your most demanding clients are the least profitable.

As you and your staff interact with your best customers always ask questions about what additional services would be helpful to them. Your marketing strategy should include existing and additional services. Learn what challenges they are facing and focus on creating products/services to help.

2. Market to your best target market by building your ideal customer list based on your best customers.

Make a list of your best and most profitable customers. Then, create a profile of your perfect customer. Your marketing efforts should focusing on reaching out to the types of businesses that are your best customers.

Identify the following:

  1. Industry
  2. Revenue
  3. Location
  4. Number of years in business
  5. Number of employees
  6. Decision making process
  7. Who is the buying decision maker?
  8. Buying frequency

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photo credit: I Heart Greenwich Market