Do you want a website that truly differentiates your business?

When you’re starting a business you must have a website designed. You need to make sure that your website is actually a presence and not just a blip on the larger scale of the internet. There are ways to make sure your website creates an impact. Contacting a professional San Diego web designer to have your site professionally designed can go a long way towards creating an impact on your target audience. It is also beneficial to make sure that these five tips are in use on your website.

1. Research

Before you have your website designed, do some research. It helps to know what your competition is up to in this case. Note what things you like and dislike. You should make a list of design elements that you think would work well in conjunction with your website. When you talk to your web designer you will have a good idea of how you want your page laid out, what you want it to look like.

2. Cleanliness

When your website is too busy you run the risk of driving your users away. In the online market today, people become inundated with flash players, clickable content, banners, pop-ups, and too many ads. These ploys are generally not effective marketing tools, and they create chaos for the users on your website. Make sure your website designer knows you don’t want excessive use of this kind of content.

3. Orderly

On the subject of simplicity make sure your site is well organized and simple. Create visual order on your website. People’s eyes are drawn to a website according to the use of negative space, so optimize the use of positive and negative space. A well-organized system will move the eyes from top to bottom or right to left. Make sure your website designer knows to arrange your content in a way that draws the eyes to the most important pieces.

4. Readability

Make sure your content is easily visible, that it is easy to read. Stick to colors that work well together, and font sizes that are consistent and easy to read. If people are too distracted by the fonts, colors, or the sizing of the words they won’t stay on your site long enough to read anything on your web page.

5. Mobile Friendly

Your website should scale in accordance with the device it’s being used on. Smart Insights estimates that 48% of people start any type of online research using their smartphone. What this means for you, is that your website needs to look just as professional on a smartphone or tablet as it does on a Desktop computer. Make sure that your web designer creates mobile compatibility. The same things that create a professional website on a desktop will create a professional website on a mobile device, make sure your website designer sticks to the basics.

Website designing can be a large undertaking. With the help of some professional tips, you can keep your design relevant, simple, and engaging. Your web designer can give you this kind of simple, clean, and engaging content design.