Do you ever think about what you can do to improve your website or to get more visitors?

Inbound marketing, more specifically, content marketing will give your website the biggest boost.

Content is more than listing some basic information about your business with your address and phone number.

Content, if done the right way, can turn your website into an authority.

Authority websites get most of the traffic, attention, and business in the world.

I want you to know what content you can add to your site to help you become an authority.

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The following is a partial list of possible content you can use for your website:

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  • Blog posts – Blog posts offer entrepreneurs a quick and easy way to add new content to a website.
  • Reviews – You can review products or services.
  • Comparisons – You can place two or more similar solutions next to each other. Keep it objective and useful.
  • Lists – People love lists. You can create lists about your industry, books, resources, applications, software, websites, presentations, conferences, tradeshows, influencers, training or learning resources, and more.
  • How-tos – How-to guides can serve as evergreen content for any business website.
  • Case studies – You could write case studies about past projects you have worked on where you list lessons learned and share results.
  • FAQ – Create detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  • Statistics – Share statistical data about your industry.
  • Questions – List potential questions and answers that deal with your products or services. This would be a great way to answer questions that haven’t yet been dealt with in your FAQ section.
  • Interviews – You can interview past and present clients or experts in your industry. You can do video or audio interviews, then you can post the transcribed version on your website.
  • Tips – Curate expert tips of industry experts. I recommend that you notify each expert you are quoting. They might share your content within their own respective networks.
  • Quotes – Similar to expert tips, you can list expert quotes.
  • News – Write about news that is relevant to your industry and your prospects and customers.
  • Books – You can collect your most popular posts and turn them into a book or multiple books.
  • Podcasts – Discuss industry trends, solutions, and provide tips and advice within your own podcast. The great thing is that you can list your podcast in iTunes, Stitcher, and other podcast directories.
  • Videos – Create instructional or training videos and post them on your own Youtube channel. Having your videos on Youtube can also result in increased traffic to your site.
  • Presentations – Design presentations and post them on your website and also on portals such as Slideshare.
  • Apps – Create an app with useful features that keeps people coming back to your website over-and-over.
  • Webinars – The great thing about webinars is that you do one live, record it, then post it to your website.
  • Tutorials – When you teach, people are more likely to buy from you.
  • Forums – The interaction within user forums generate a lot of great content.
  • Demos – Demos can serve as training or lead gen tools. You can also post them publicly or privately on your website.
  • About page – The About page is one of the most visited page on any website. Provide detailed information about what sets your company apart from the competition and share the story of your business.
  • Mission/Vision/Core values – Tell the story about your business. Why are you in business?
  • Press releases – Press releases are great for keep people up-to-date about your company. Introductions of new products or services make for great press releases.
  • Testimonials – Your prospects trust your past customer a lot more than your salespeople. Have one dedicated page for your testimonials. Also include testimonials on other pages such as your Home, About, and Contact pages.


Do you want help with adding new content to your website? Contact us.