If you run an e-commerce website, you already know that not all customers who come to your site end up making purchases. Setting up your website, building the shopping cart application and adding credit card payment options is really just the beginning. The real work of converting surfers to buyers begins once the website is online. This is where the marketing appeal of your website really comes into play and sets the professionals apart from the amateurs. At Webene, we offer a complete array of services for developing your e-commerce website from designing a shopping cart that is easy to use, to writing great content and developing dynamic web pages.

We Give Your Customers Choices
Getting customers to convert from browsing your e-commerce site to making purchases means every facet of your website must be easy to use, quick to find, and present options to your customers. We know customer service is an important part of your business. That’s why Webene’s standard shopping cart features include a choice of payment options, a choice of shipping options and and flexible pricing strategies. We make it easy for you offer great service to your customers.

We Keep Them Coming Back
One way to get repeat customers is to give your customers a login on your site. When customers agree to sign up on your site there is more likelihood they will return to purchase again. Also you can start to build a database of names for email marketing and newsletter campaigns. Webene can set up customer accounts so that they can view order status and re-order favorite items quickly and effortlessly. We can set up your e-commerce site to send automatic emails to confirm orders.

Webene’s e-commerce development know-how will help you help your customers go from “add to cart” to “buy now” in a few simple clicks.

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