KISS acronymDid you know that email remains 40% more effective to acquire new customers than social media?

Yes, that is correct. Email is more effective than Facebook and Twitter together.

Most companies get email marketing wrong.

They think email marketing comes with drum rolls and elaborate newsletters. Wrong. Email marketing, done correctly, requires no fuss at all.

The confusion about what effective email marketing should be is the reason most businesses ignore one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with clients, prospects, and referral sources. The result? Failing or under performing businesses.

Most businesses get excited about email marketing at some point. People get their heads together to write long articles, painstakingly putting it all together in a colorful newsletter. Everyone’s involved from graphic designer to marketing and sales, heck even the CEO rolls up her sleeves. It is great fun. The problem with such newsletter is it is BORING. Honestly, who the heck wants to read another newsletter? Let’s face it, nobody dreams about getting yet another newsletter. A newsletter is a bad idea for both sender and recipient.

The alternative to elaborate beautifully written newsletters that nobody will read is simplicity. Yes, there, I said it. Simple is good. Simple will help you be heard. The simpler you make your email marketing the more likely will you stick with it. On top of that, the simpler you make it, the more people will actual read it and respond to it.

What does effective email marketing look like? It looks like an email you get from a friend. It is a few sentences about something you care about. It takes a couple of minutes to read, and you are done. You may respond to it, or just think about it. It is short and it is to the point. It is the opposite of boring. It is un-newsletter like.

Try it. Write only five sentences that you believe to be of great value to your audience. Don’t be tempted by loading it with graphics, photos, or images of any kind. Text only. Make it count and write as if you were writing to your friend.

Send it. Send it to your current and past clients. If it applies, send it to your prospects and referral sources too. If not, write another five sentence email.

Simplifying your email marketing in such a way will help you make it a success. I agree, it is not sexy. It might be hard for you to keep it simple, but it works. People want simple, honest communication, without the fluff.

Email marketing dos and don’ts


  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Make it frequent. Email your list at least once a month.
  • Leave your ego at the door. The email is not about you. It is about what matters to the recipient.
  • Commit to growing your email list. An email list should always be growing.


  • Worry about making it pretty. Worry more about substance.
  • Make it too long and you will lose them. People are busy, keep your email short.
  • Lose interest. Many give up on email marketing too soon.
  • Send too often is worse then not sending emails at all. Don’t turn off your audience by too frequent emails. Sending multiple emails in a week is a sure way of getting people fed up with you.

What makes an email subject line that gets your emails read?

  • Include a number in your subject line. Numbers get our attention and your email will be more likely opened when you include one.
  • Generate curiosity. Be specific about the result, but not how you got there.
  • Keep it under 30 characters. Shorter subject lines are more likely to be opened.
  • Test at least a few possible subject lines before you send it to your entire list.

I hope that you make email marketing part of your growth strategy. If you need any help with it, we are here to help you.

Also, if you know anyone that needs website help or marketing help please keep us in mind. We very much appreciate it when you refer our company to other businesses.