Stay in Front of your Customers, Past, Present and Prospects
Email marketing campaigns are vital to stay connected with your customers. Newsletters give you an avenue for introducing your customers to new products or improved services, include links to new pages on your website, and generally remind your customers to visit your site now and then.

Building a Customer Database
A key ingredient for your email marketing strategy is developing a database of email addresses. Customers who visit your site, whether or not they make purchases, are ideal candidates for your email marketing database.
There are various ways to get users to sign up on your site. One popular way is just to include a handy sign up link on your home page. You can also require customers to sign up for a free download or to register on your site when they make purchases. You have to offer something in return for people to sign up. Webene offers you a variety of different mechanisms that make it easy to build a customer database and we help you develop ways to entice your customers so that they want to sign up.

We Don’t Believe in Spam
We have our doubts as to how effective it is to spam your customers with emails on a daily basis. When an email marketing campaign turns to spam, customers will simply black list you and send you off to their junk folder. That’s wasting your time and wasting theirs. We prefer to show you how to use tools that measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign – the best measure of effectiveness is whether the customers in your email marketing list turn around and make purchases on your site. We can also show you how to monitor the open rate of your emails (whether your readers read the email).

Improve the Quality of your Subscriptions
You can improve the ROI on your email marketing campaign by fine tuning your email list. Include an “unsubscribe” feature and remove recipients who have not visited your site in years. Leaving the “subscribe” box unchecked by default on your subscription sign up (and then honoring that) will also improve the quality of your subscribers. That way, only those who are genuinely interested will be added to your list.

Reflect Your Branding Posture in the Email
Your newsletter, just like every other facet of your website, is part of your company’s public persona and the tone needs to reflect your corporate identity. A well managed email marketing campaign can boost your sales and create a loyal customer following whereas a badly managed campaign will either lay unread in your customer’s inbox or get sent straight to the junk mail folder.

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