Have you taken a long, hard look at your sales and marketing materials lately?

Do your brochures seem to be missing, well, a little pizzazz? Could a few well-positioned graphics give your catalog an extra pop… a little context? Does your logo truly reflect your brand? Are your marketing materials out of date? Writing outstanding content is one thing but as you are discovering, a good design that uses eye-catching graphics helps to communicate your message more quickly to your customers. A picture helps to explain what your product or service can do for your customer, and helps you win the sale.

Here is why you must have excellent marketing materials:

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  • Great design creates the best possible first impression.
  • It also creates a lasting impression.
  • Excellent design spurs brand loyalty.
  • Your marketing materials differentiate you.
  • It tells your story.
  • Great design encourages sharing.
  • It builds trust.
  • Great design motivates people to take action.


Would you like to know how we can help you maximize the value of your brand identity materials?

Well chosen graphics add structure and dimension to a sales copy, creating personality for your company and your brand. But not just any graphic will do. You want to choose graphics that match the overall tone of your brand and bring your sales content to life. If you have a website that sells humorous books and comics to teenagers, you don’t want pictures of starchy professionals in stiff white shirts, you want cartoons and animations that speak to kids and make them laugh.

On the other hand, if you are selling professional resume services to executives, the pictures of starchy professionals might be entirely appropriate in your marketing brochure. A little humor probably won’t hurt, (even executives like to laugh) but you probably won’t re-use the animation of spiffy the dog landing on Mars. It’s not that Spiffy isn’t funny, or respectable in his own way, it’s just that he won’t enhance the image you are trying to portray on your resume writing business.

Webene has a complete range of stock photos, graphics and images that we draw upon to develop your marketing materials. We can create for you a company logo and corporate template that enhances your branding posture and reflects your company’s image.

We also encourage you to take pictures of your company, your products, employees using your products, happily employed in providing your service, and so on you can even have a professional photographer create a portfolio of pictures for you and provide you with a CD of thumbnails we can use to put personalized pictures on your site.

A graphic, picture or photograph draws the eye in and focuses the eye on the text you want your customer to read. Good graphic design can help your business succeed and grow. Choosing just the right graphic design for your site and your published materials helps you reach your customers more quickly and get your message in front of them more effectively. It helps you convert lookers to buyers and ultimately helps to sell your product or service.

To find out more about our marketing and graphic design service, contact us today.




photo credit: Jawa 250