Keyword Content
Great content writing consists of a unique and useful blend of information that your customers find useful, along with keywords that get your site to the top of the search engine rankings. Placing relevant keywords into unique content is a good start in winning the race to the top of the rankings but you still need great content.

Content Writing and Search Engine Optimization
Search engines are fickle systems and search engine companies like to keep their ranking algorithms secret. But here at Webene we understand how search engines work and we know some secrets that you learn with experience and practice. The art of optimization is more than just creating content that is keyword rich. We believe that a great site begins with great web content and excellent writing – not just the right keywords.

Once you have built your site and registered it with the search engines, it is important to continuously add new content. That’s why our web site designers encourage you to incorporate blogs, online newsletters and articles on your site so that you can keep your web content up to date, refreshed, and informative for your customers.

You Just Can’t Have Too Much Content

Web content writing doesn’t stop with articles and blogs. Well written product descriptions should also be tailored to include your keywords. Here at Webene we believe the key to a well optimized site is content, content and more content. But that content needs to be faithful to your website’s overall branding posture, to your mission statement, and to the professional business image you wish to project. At the same time it has to appeal to your customers’ needs. Webene can help with all your content writing, including sales copy, landing pages, articles, blogs and so on.

Our team includes professional content writers who are qualified to write about your website’s product or service. We want your web content writing to be an authentic reflection of the way your customers think and so we carefully match our writers with the website product or service.

Getting To the Top
An important aspect to a great website is writing outstanding content. Creating well written, key word rich web content is critical if you want your website to show up at the top of the search engines. Webene knows how to write great web content that is relevant to your product and helps your website get search engine visibility.
Once you have a great website, it is important to help customers find your site. When the search engines rank your site, they analyze your web content and match it to keywords your customers are searching for. At Webene, when we write content for your website we take the time to find out who you are, who your customers are and how you want to project your company’s products or services to your customers. This enables us to design a dynamite site that shows up in the search engines so your customers can find you.

Know what your customers are searching for
Our professionals at Webene can help you find out what keywords customers are searching for. Finding out what customers are searching for is one of the best ways to develop keywords and key phrases that you can incorporate as part of your web content writing. All the written content on your site needs to be keyword rich and relevant to your site’s product or service. For example, if you sell boots, then your web content needs to focus on boots and information about boots. You can write about socks or boot laces or boot polish, but don’t write about fish unless you can tie it back to boots (as with fisherman’s boots). By the way, you might think that it is impossible to write content about your service (after all what is there to say about boots?) but we can show that it is possible to have creative and enticing content on any topic. Contact us now to find out how good website content can help your business.

Good Web Content Can Enhance Your Brand
Well written web content can be used to develop your brand. Our professional writers understand SEO and are skilled at incorporating keywords to make your content work. Keywords can be used in product descriptions, in your Contact Us and About Us pages, and each and every page on your site. Even the names you give to your web pages should reflect your keyword content. You can also flesh out your web content with additional writing such as articles, blog posts, case studies, reviews, white papers, and testimonials. Webene’s creative team of professionals will leave no stone unturned. Our skilled writers will provide web content that sells your product and leaves your competition in the dust.

If it’s been a while since you updated the content on your website, contact us and ask us how our website content writing service can help your business.