You want a great website, right?

Today the question isn’t about having or not having a website. It is: Are you going to settle for an average website?

Anytime you want to have above average performance, you must be prepared to work much harder than the rest. Creating a new website, or redesigning your current one so that it is a great website, requires planning and time. In the end your website could be the one factor that differentiates your business from the rest.

When designing, or redesigning your website, keep the following factors in mind. They will help your business create a great website.


Search Engine Optimization, if you don’t know it, you better learn about it. SEO is the bread and butter of driving visitors to your website. Using proper plugins, codes, content and website platform will help your website become SEO friendly. Your code and platform need to be setup in order to work correctly with SEO requirements. Your website content should be content that gets incoming links and is valued by search engines. Without this, your website will be lost in the vast reaches of the internet with all the rest.


When it comes to websites, homemade isn’t a compliment. A website that uses an ugly design will not attract visitors. You need to ensure your website appears professional and meshes well with your brand. Everything, colors, graphics, photos and fonts, must go well with each other in order to have the best results. Keep it simple, you don’t need an award-winning design, you just need one that builds credibility. It is recommended that you hire a professional web designer who listens to your goals and objectives.


Content makes a great website. Search engines reward websites with great content. Having great content will give people a reason to link to your website. When they link to you search engines sends you more traffic. This is how SEO works. Remember, quality content is a requirement for achieving positive search engine results.

Website Platform

The best websites are installed on the best platforms such as WordPress. WordPress is easy to use. It is also extremely reliable. We recommend WordPress as your website platform.


One factor that has an enormous impact on ROI is how your website is developed. Your site needs to function correctly, meet current web standards and have the proper code. If your website is designed by someone who is inexperienced, the possibility is high that your online presence will suffer. Finding a reputable website developer is highly recommended.

User Experience

Is your website user friendly? Does it provide for an optimal experience for those that visit it? Is navigation simple? These are just a few questions you need to ask yourself during the development process. Providing a great experience for the user is essential for having success online.

Call to Action

This is so simple, yet often neglected. You need to have a call to action if you want your website work for you. Signing up for a newsletter or to give you a call are good examples. Ask them to ask for a quote for your services or to download your latest book. Without a call to action, you are missing out on sales and leads.

Following these guidelines will help you to turn your website into a great website.