website copy

You want a website to get more leads, prospects, and sales.

Once you have your website designed you need to complete it with great copy.

Here is the deal: Many websites don’t get the results you want.


Because the content is poorly written. To get sales leads you need great copy.

You want great copy for your website for many reasons.

Great copy will grab your visitor’s attention.

You want to be persuasive with your words. You want to paint a picture in their heads when they read your content. Make them desire what you are selling. Understand what the potential client is looking for. This will convert visitors into leads.

You can influence your potential clients by priming them. You can give subtle hints of what you want them to do by using cognitive psychology. Make them want your product or service.  You can also do that by highlighting their needs. Make them need something they did not know they needed. This will cause them to want your product or service.

Education is key.

You will get sales from visitors who feel informed. Great copy that’s great for a website will not try to just sell. It will inform the user more than another business will.

Add value to your content and they will buy from you.

Your website copy should follow your target audience’s buying cycle. This way you are persuading them when they want to buy. Remember that you should have content for every stage of the buying cycle. Make it relatable so that when they do by it will be from you.

People are more like to buy from an authority.

Use authoritative reasoning to help you get a lead. You can do this by having detailed analysis of your service and product features. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of their purchase. Also give them in-depth information about your product or service. You do not want to use jargon or hyperboles.

Great copy that’s great for websites and businesses can be in a formal business tone or casual.

You want to be able to predict your visitor’s questions. This way you will already have them answered. This is true for indicating prices for your product or service. Make a potential visitor see the value in what you are offering. You might also want to explain any absences in pricing. Let your potential sale know that it is for individual estimates or something else.

You want your web copy to convert visitors to leads to buyers.

That is the whole point. Your potential buyer must feel well informed. This so they feel they made the right choice by buying from you. This is so important information that I have to repeat it. Justify the costs and value of your product or service.

Make sure you explain the quality of what you are offering to them.

Tell them your philosophy and make sure the warranty is clear to understand. All this will help you close the deal and guarantee satisfaction.

No one likes to part with money. Make sure your customer feels that you are worth the investment. With all this in mind you will have great copy that works for your business.