You want to increase your website conversion, right?

If your business is getting a good amount of traffic, but the visitors are not engaging with your website, the traffic is nearly pointless. This means that your website’s conversion rate is low. You want your visitors to go beyond simply viewing your website. What you want is for visitors to take action. This may include giving you their email address, call you, complete a form, or even buying something from your website.

Here are some effective things to do when trying to increase website conversion rate.

To-Do List

When presenting forms to the visitor, make sure there are few fields. Do not force readers to enter in unnecessary information, as this will deter them from completing the form. In fact, just one extra field can decrease the amount of completed forms by around 10 percent.

When selling products, always include a full refund guarantee. This will ensure the confidence of the customer and will lead to an increase in sales.

When instructing visitors to do something, make sure you use action words, such as “grab a copy,” to encourage your visitors to get going.

When selling services or products, include testimonials of past customers. You can also display the number of “followers” you have on social media to serve as social proof for your brand. Additionally, make the customers aware of the benefits of your service or product.

Choose an effective headline for your homepage. Make it unique and make it one that will grab the attention of the reader. You may also want to include a video on your homepage.

If you are making use of paid traffic, create a customized landing page for those visitors. This page should have the single goal of getting the visitor to take action. In order to keep visitors on your website for a longer amount of time, always be linking to related content on your website.

Write in a clear manner. This means being straightforward with the customer. Include all relevant information for every product and service. This also means writing at a level to match your audience. Do not write in highly-technical language if you sell furniture. Avoid legalese if you are an attorney, etc. Likewise, do not write in language that is too simplified. What’s important to remember here is to write for your audience.


To increase website conversion rate, there are several other tips that will depend on the audience. This will require some trial and error on your part. These are aspects that you should test and see what yields the most success.

  • Call-to-action buttons should be tested for different sizes, colors, and text.
  • You should experiment with different colors on your homepage. Colors have the power to evoke different moods.
  • Test out different text layouts. For example, you could try a multiple-column layout if you are currently using a single one.
  • Likewise, you should experiment with different lengths of your content. Some customers may prefer brief content, and others may desire longer content.
  • Finally, test varying amounts of available options for the customers. If they are presented with too many options at once, they might not make any decisions.

When it comes to efforts to increase website conversion rate, you must be willing to test many variables. Even if you believe that your website is optimized, keep testing to see if anything else will work better.