Do you want more website traffic?

There are many ways to drive more traffic to your website. Our goal is to show you some of the most effective ones.

Create better content

It is not enough to add any content. Identify content related to your market and create better quality. For example, if you competitors write an article called “10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic” you should write one called “12 Ways to Increase Website Traffic.” Make your content more detailed, longer, and better researched.

You can create better quality content by:

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  • Writing longer blog posts.
  • Including more relevant resources.
  • Expanding on what others wrote on the topic.
  • Creating better quality images.
  • Asking the input of more experts and industry influencers.


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Add more content

Your website is only as good as its content. And let’s face it, most website have poor content. If you don’t add new and unique content to your website frequently, I mean at least once a month, you are losing out on traffic.

Examples of useful content are:

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  • Blog posts
  • Press releases
  • Studies
  • Tips, advice, and how-tos
  • Video tutorials, training, or reviews
  • Audio interviews, tutorials, training, or reviews.
  • Infographics
  • White papers
  • Presentations


Create lists

People love lists. Be known in your industry for the best lists.

As an example, a web design business could create the following lists and more:

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  • 10 Ways to Get More Website Visitors
  • 7 Tips to Great Website Content
  • 25 Steps to Better SEO
  • 30 Days to a Complete Ecommerce website
  • 12 Top Tips for Crafting Shareable Website Content


Optimize your content

There are certain keywords that are important for your business. For example, in our business, the most important keywords include website, web design, graphic design, logo design, PHP programming, web application programming, SEO, ecommerce and such. Note that there is a list of keywords that are important to us. Every website should be optimized for multiple keywords.

You have to identify the most important keywords for your own business, and make sure those keywords are part of your content. Don’t stuff your content with keywords, but include them naturally.

Include more visuals

Visuals are more likely shared. Graphics also help to digest your content easier.

Examples of possible visuals for your website are:

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  • Infographics
  • Explainer videos
  • Photos about your products, services, and processes.


Make your content shareable

The easier it is to share the more likely will people share it. Content on each page of your website should be easily shareable.

Target trending topics

Monitor the news in your industry and create content around it.

Aggressively collect emails

Are you asking people to sign up for your newsletter? Let me guess, people are not signing up in droves. Let’s face it, nobody wants to get another newsletter delivered to their inbox. But, there are ways to still get people to give you their emails.

The best way to get people to subscribe to your email list is by giving them great content.

I mean something so powerful that they would be happy to pay for it. You could write a book or prepare a special report that you would only share with people who sign up. Give something valuable and people will join your mailing list.

Create a social media presence

I don’t care what business you are in, you should have a social media presence. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are only a few possible social networks to consider.

Important note! It’s not enough to create the account. You have to stay active.

Optimize your internal links

Internal links are hyperlinks pointing from one page within your site to another page within your own site. It is important to link the most relevant keyword within your website to other pages on your own website. Proper internal linking can increase the ranking potential for each web page.

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