Do you want to increase your website’s performance?

The best websites work like well adjusted high-performance machines.

Do you want your website to run like a high-performance machine that creates more leads and grows your sales?

In order to harness the internet’s power – whether for the sake of offering your voice to the world or to bring customers to your site – it is important to understand how to increase your website’s performance. The internet is a system just like any other and operates on certain principles and tendencies. Learning to use the logic of the internet can save you time, energy, and money. In today’s internet-based economy, developing some fundamental website building skills or hiring someone with those skills goes a long to establishing a successful business.

How Search Engines Work

Website-Performance-08212015A good first step to increase your website’s performance is to understand how people use the internet to find your website. People find your website using search engines. Examples of popular search engines include Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The world wide web has been compared to a subway system where each website is like a train stop. Search engines send out what are commonly called “crawlers” to travel through the subway system and send back data on all the stops. Search engines use this data to create indexes of ranked websites.

The more content you have the more data a crawler has to work with and the more likely a search engine will rank your website on the index. The higher ranking you have on a search engine’s index, the better chance people will have to find your website.

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We can help you increase your website’s performance. Ask us how?


New Content is Key

It is important that you have new content on your website to hold your audience’s attention. One way to increase your website’s performance is to routinely post new content on your website. This can be achieved in several different ways, but common practices include posting new product reviews, posting news stories in your particular niche, and periodically featuring opinion and analysis pieces relevant to the purpose of your website. If you cannot keep up with running your business and maintaining as current a website as possible, there is a growing work force consisting of content writers, graphic designers, and website administrators that can help you maintain an enticing web presence. It is worth the investment to hire help for your website.

Focus on Your Audience

Remember that the purpose of your website is to engage a particular audience. All of your decisions regarding the appearance of the website, content posted on the website, and even the platforms you use to promote your website must keep your target audience in mind. One way to think about the total effect your website might have on a viewer is to consider an overall theme for your website. If you offer corporate business consulting services, for example, your website might have a different look and feel than someone selling car detailing services.

Promote Your Website

No one will find your website – except through dumb luck – if you are not actively putting the word out. Put your website’s address on your business card, feature it on your business’s billboard, and tell your current customer about it. Access other internet platforms like social media to tell the world about your website. Offer discounts and send out coupons that funnel potential customers into your website. Ask your partners and related businesses to link to your website and offer to link to theirs. Search engines will take notice of increased traffic to your website and will rank your website higher which will in turn create even more traffic.

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We can help you increase your website’s performance. Ask us how?



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