No Maybe Yes street sign decisionNothing makes me feel happier than when someone tells me “No”. OK, that’s not entirely true but let me explain. I own my own web design business and since I own the business I am in charge of sales. Businesses contact me telling me that they need help with their websites. I listen to their needs, then I give them a quote.

The next thing that should happen is me getting a response of a “Yes” or a “No”. Do they want my company to help them with their sites or not? Shockingly, that’s not what happens. Really, what often happens is, nothing. Or, even worse, a “Maybe.” A Maybe? Hearing a maybe makes my foot itch. “Maybe” is like telling your long time girlfriend that you’d rather just be friends.

A “Maybe” is just not cool. Cool people are either “yes” or “no” people. They know what they want. They are honest about it. They come right out and say it. They are not wishy-washy. A “Maybe” or “silence” is wishy-washy There is a sense of weakness to it. I want to deal with people that will come out and tell me straight, “Yes” or “No”.

I want either a “Yes” or a “No”, I hate “Maybe.” I also hate silence. Tell me the truth. Do you want me to help you with your website or not? It is OK, if you don’t, but please say so.

A “No” is good. A “No” tells me that you either changed your mind, or hired someone else, or you don’t have the budget. A no is something we can build on. I mean “we”. A “No” helps both parties. It tells me exactly what’s going on and it tells the prospect exactly what’s going on.

We are all grown ups here, so act accordingly. Be honest and tell it how it is. People will understand a “No” and they will respect you for it much more than a “Maybe”.

Do you agree? “Yes”, “No”, or …hmm “Maybe.”