Do you want your website to outperform your competitors’?

When did you last update your website?

Be honest now.

The most important question is, do you really need a new website?

Here are several very good reasons to update your website now:

Is your website mobile-friendly?

People are shifting from desktop and laptop computers to smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. That means that if your website is not optimized for mobile browsing, it will hurt your business. Business people and consumers search and browse on the go. With a responsive website you are getting ahead of your competition.

Here are some additional benefits to having a responsive website:

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  • Google will reward you. In April 2015, Google changed its algorithms to penalize sites that are not mobile-friendly. At the same time Google is rewarding mobile-friendly websites.
  • Mobile-friendly websites will help you reduce your bounce rate. When a visitor clicks off your website immediately, it bounces off your site. Responsive sites are built to reduce the bounce rate of your website.
  • When you have a responsive website you no longer need two website, a regular site and a mobile-friendly version. With only one website to maintain you will save time and money.
  • The better your website works on mobile devices the more likely will people interact with your website. The higher interaction will translate into more leads, prospects, and sales.


If your website is not mobile-friendly, you need a new website.

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Does your website look modern?


[one_half]People visiting your website know when you have an old outdated design.

The old design communicates that you are not on top of your game. If your website was designed more than two years ago, you definitely need a new website.

Companies see better results with updated websites. Your website is often the first impression about your business.

Some entrepreneurs, wrongly, believe that the design of their website is not important.

Even if you are on a shoestring budget your business should have an updated website.[/one_half] [one_half_last]web-designer-08032015

OK, not this old, but you get my point.

photo credit: Terminal Znakowy MERA 7951 OM Mera-ELZAB[/one_half_last]

Does it meet your marketing goals?

Your company has marketing goals. How does your website align with those goals? Does it meet your goals or does it disappoint?

If your website doesn’t align with your marketing goals, it is time for a change.

Consider how your website aligns with the following marketing goals:

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  • Are you getting as many website visitors as you’d like?
  • How do people respond to your calls to action?
  • How many email subscribers does your website get?
  • Does your website create the desired brand image?


Is your website easy to update?

If you are serious about making frequent website updates, WordPress CMS (Content Management System) is your solution. We are expert web designers building CMS websites. People love WordPress CMS websites because they help them to make frequent updates. The most successful websites are those with frequent updates. The easier it is to add content to your website the more likely will you add new content. The more unique content your website has the more valuable your website is.

We are specialists in PHP/MySQL programming and various open source customization. We work with some of the most widely utilized open source CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more. Our CMS websites customized for your business enables you and your staff to easily manage your content.

Here are some of the greatest advantages of a website built on WordPress CMS:

  • Easy content updates
  • More cost effective website updates
  • Rapid website updates
  • Search Engine Optimized web pages
  • Dynamic database backend

Update your content often.

Most websites are never updates. The few that are updated are updated rarely.

Here are the most important parts of your website to update:

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  • Update your homepage, to show what’s new with your company.
  • Keep your “About” page updated. After your homepage, your about page is the most often visited page.
  • Maintain the latest phone number and address on your website.
  • Add updates about your products and services. Have you introduced anything new? Are you offering new products or services?
  • Share customer success stories.
  • Describe your recent accomplishments.


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