Nowadays, your website as an online brochure will do little for your business. Today, you have to have great content to get people to visit and engage with your website. You might ask: “I am an attorney, why do I need to have more than a brochure website?” The answer is that you can have a brochure website if you don’t care if nobody will actually look at it.

Your website has to have content that is so good that you could charge money for it. In this article, we will use a family law attorney as an example, but the same concept applies to any business. Great content takes many forms, so you could have videos, podcasts, how tos, articles, and infographics, just to mention a few options, to get people to visit your website..

Websites with great content offer the following:

Unique and valuable information – The information we are talking about here is not your “About Us” page or a map to your office. Some examples of this would be a video series of the 30 most frequently asked questions about divorce. We are talking about information that is not readily available elsewhere or only available for a fee.

How tos – An example would be a podcast or video explaining some common scenarios in a divorce. Answering questions such as “How quickly can I get this divorce over?” or How do I get a legal separation?” would be a couple of examples. Don’t worry, just because you are providing some answers to some common questions, most people will still want to hire an attorney.

Clarity – Can your website provide clarity in a confusing world? Back to the family law attorney. She could talk about costs. How much are the court filing fees? How much will my divorce cost? Of course, you don’t need to give an exact number, but you can explain what makes a divorce more expensive than others.

Save – If you can help people save time or money, they will reward you for it. Searching for information takes time. Those businesses that are able to provide information in a clear and organized fashion will attract regular visitors. Can you help your prospects save money? Explain what your readers can do to reduce expenses.

Some businesses are worried about providing information for free. Some even think that they are wasting their time by providing free consultation on their websites. Providing a lot of really good information on your website saves you a lot of time. For starters, instead of providing free consultation you can provide information on a member area of your website. When people call your office for a free consultation you can refer them to your website. For someone to gain access to the member only area he or she will have to provide you their email address. They get information they want and you get their email address in return. Once you have their email address, you can start communicating with them.

When you have a website that is considered a resource to people it can become an authority website. Authority websites are excellent marketing tools. They can establish you the go to person in your field of expertise. A website with great content is one of the best investments you could make to differentiate yourself from the ever growing competition.