logo designer

Does your logo suck?

Designing a logo for your business is step one in building a strong brand image. Since we are passionate about design and design is our business we look at business logos differently than others. I think that we can all agree that logos are important. It is true that a great logo will not make your business a success, having a poorly designed one can hurt your business. So, what makes a great logo? I am not sure if you can scientifically define it, but here are my thoughts:

Professional – Now, this is a gimme, but you have to have a professional looking logo. If it looks like your nephew designed it, your logo will create a poor image of your business.

Audience – Before you design your logo think about your audience. Who is your customer? Your logo has to communicate with your target market.

Simplicity – Great logos share one characteristic and its simplicity. Simple logos are easily recognized. Busy, many colored, complex logos are barely good ideas. Such a logo was created with one thing in mind, the designer’s ego.

Size – Your logo should be readable even when small. Your logo will be used in many different situations from trade show booths to promotional products. Make sure it is still readable when small.

Stand out – Great logos stand out. Do not copy other logos. Copycat logos a destined to fail.

Avoid cliches – Cliches are never good. Avoid them in your logo. Do not use overly used icons.

Color – Color is one of the most important parts of logo design. Color communicates. A color is tied to cultural, political, social and religious influences.

No Story – Your logo doesn’t have to tell a story. Neither does it have to describe what you do. I cringe when I see dentists logos with a tooth in the design. Ouch.

Fitting – Who is your target market? Is it buttoned up business people or teenagers? Know your target prior to committing to your company logo.

Readable – Great logos are easily readable small and large. Don’t use weird hard to read fonts.

Custom Type – Use a custom type to stand out. An easy way to create a logo that is differentiated is to use custom type.

Fonts – Use no more than two different fonts. It is a great way to design a sharp and clean logo.

Adaptable – Your logo should be easily readable in any color. Even if you have multi-colored logo, it should still read well in black, red, or any color. We don’t always have the luxury of color.

Your logo in itself will not sell your product or service. Rather, it sells you. It is often part of the first impression you create about your business. The quality of your logo tells the world how much your image means to your company.