business conceptWe get frequent phone calls from prospects about web design projects. During the initial consultation phone call we talk about several topics. We want to know about the business in general and we want to answer the prospect’s questions..

I ask questions like:

  • Can you describe your business?
  • What is your goal with your website?
  • If it is a website redesign, I want to know what the prospect likes and dislikes about his website.
  • By what date do want your website to be completed?

Then, one of the last questions I ask is “What is your budget for your website project?”

Shockingly, many times I get the answer of “I don’t know.” I don’t actually say this, but I think to myself: “Are you kidding me? What do you mean you don’t know?” When someone calls our web design firm to build a website for his business and he tells me that he has no budget it tells me several things:

  1. You expect me to give you a low ball number like $500. I am worried that some people think that if they say that “I don’t know”, I will either do it for free or do the project for some ridiculously small amount as if I ran my business out of Bangalore, India.
  2. You are not serious. Think about it. Have you ever thought about buying anything substantial without having a budget? Have you ever thought about buying a house without a budget? You don’t just call a real estate agent and have her show you anything because there is no budget. “Just show me anything, there is no budget.” Have you ever bought a car without having a budget? Of course, not. It would be ridiculous not to have a budget.
  3. It tells me that you have no clue. You should have a general idea of how much a professionally built website should cost. The same way you would have a general idea of the cost of a home in your neighborhood. Even though you are not a web designer you should have some idea about costs. You know that you are hiring a professional web designer here in the good old USA. You know that there are certain costs to run a business.

Have a budget for your website. If it’s $5,000, it is that. If it’s $25,000, it’s that. And, yes, there is a difference between a $5,000 website and a $25,000 website. Whatever it is have a budget. Your budget might be too low to hire a professional web design firm such as ours, and that’s OK. If it’s not in the budget to hire us, you can try to wait until you have the funds or hire a hobbyist or even try to do it yourself. Regardless, the bottom line is that just like with any other investment in your business have a set budget for your website project. It sets realistic expectations.