businessman hand showing empty pocketsWebsites are losing money for companies in several ways. Not because website are inherently money losing entities, but because companies are incorrectly using them. While some succeed through their websites beyond their wildest dreams others never experience the true potential of a great website.

Websites are losing money several ways for business. Here are some of the most common reasons:

You are clueless – I know you don’t believe it, but you are clueless about your website. You have no idea what’s going on with your website. You don’t know what’s really going on. Do you know how many visitors your site had in the last 30-days? Do you know how many of those people were there for the first time? Do you know how much time people spend on your website? Do you know what page is the most popular? Do you know what keywords people use to find your website?

There is so much to know, yet so few people understand. When you are clueless you will never improve anything. Understanding what’s going on is the most important first step you must take. Yes, it is a hubling experience, but you must take it if you want to go beyond lip service.

You set it and forget it – Many think that their job is done once their website is online. Frankly, the hard work only begins once you go live. Websites that are forgotten after going live die. A website that lacks frequent updates signals to the search engines that “this website is dead. Go away. There is nothing to see here.” The best websites are constantly updated. New content is added frequently. Most websites are almost never updated. They have articles that are several years old.

Your company has to make a real commitment to adding new content, regularly. There is no such a thing as too frequent updates. If you let your website go months without new content you are ignoring one of the most important aspects of website marketing. Calendar frequent updates. If you have it on your calendar to make two updates per month, you are much more likely to make the updates.

You don’t use video – Video is one of the most effective ways to make your website more engaging. Video is the most popular type of content online. Your website should include video content. A common excuse is “Hey, I am not a videographer.” The good thing is that you don’t have to be. You can make videos with your smart phone, your laptop or ipad camera, or a screen capture software. The goal here is not to become a professional videographer, rather to create good quality content. You can create videos about your products or services. You can have video training. Video testimonials are also a great option. There are many ways video can help your website, so take advantage of them.

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