Do you ever think about how to wow your customers with your website?

Your website shouldn’t be for you. Your website should be created for your customers. The best websites wow customers.

Here are some of the most effective ways to make your website about your customers:

Show Testimonials

Customers trust your customers. Show what your customers say about your business.  Show customer testimonials in multiple pages on your website. Most importantly, show them on your Homepage, About page, and a dedicated Testimonials page. Show video, audio, or text testimonials.

Post New Content Frequently

Great content is one of the greatest differentiators. Content marketing is the most effective way to position yourself as an authority in your fields. When your customer consider you the expert, you don’t have to compete on price anymore. One article a year won’t do. Try at least one article per month. If you can post one really good piece of content a week you are ahead of most.

Answer Questions

Start out by answering the 10 most frequently asked questions. Encourage customers to ask questions. Then, post detailed answers to them on your website. Keep a running list of recently asked questions and incorporate them into your content strategy.

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Email Them Regularly

At least once a month, email your customer something useful. Think less about selling to them and more about being helpful. You should be creating new content regularly, email your customers, so they know about it.

Be Honest

Share honest stories about your business. Are you working on something new? Share it. Have you made a mistake? Share it. Showing some flaws makes you look real. Your customers know that you are not perfect. Being real about it shows your customers that you are genuine.

Include It In Your Email Signature

Include a link within your email signature to your best content. If you are like most people, you are sending hundreds of email each month. Including a link to your website in your email signature could drive more traffic to your website while providing valuable information for your customers.

Involve Your Customers

A great way to wow your customers with your website is by including them in it. Encourage them to give you testimonials. Ask customers to submit questions. Share customer success stories. Turn a customer project into a white paper. Survey your customers. There are so many ways that you can make your customers part of your website.

Ask For Customer Input

Ask your customers what they think. Did you add a new service? Ask for your customers’ opinions. Is there something new in your industry? Ask what your customers think. Do you want to make improvements to your website? Ask your customers what changes they would like to see.

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